Life is Good (Enough)

I once read that singer Carly Simon took a polaroid photo every day and kept them in a special album. As I remember it, she did so to spur herself to record specific things for which she was grateful. I like the idea of doing something each day to jolt myself into more gratitude. I tried Carly’s gratitude photo idea one year and made it eleven days. I found that file recently and couldn’t remember exactly what about my vacuum cleaner made me so happy on one of the days,

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Status Updates of the Free and Easy

I was thinking about some potential Facebook status updates that would get my attention and make me feel hopeful about the human condition. I’d love to see any of these:


says, “No more limits.”

…found four new bands to listen to this week.

…is open to hearing things she’ll likely disagree with.

…spent some time this morning just lying in the grass doing nothing but staring at the sky.

…just treated the stranger at the next table to a coffee.

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Look Up

Mostly we walk around looking down at our phones. When was the last time you walked around looking up… not so far up that you tripped over tree roots or fell into construction pits… but just more up than down? Do you remember?

What would it be like to wander down the street or sit on public transportation ready to connect with others or simply sitting and noticing what’s going on around us? People might even be suspicious if we were actually looking around instead of staring down at a phone or at the floor.

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Too Wired and Connected to be Spacious

A subscriber to our site, Hannah, sent me an email after she signed up. I loved “meeting” her online, and I was also dumbstruck by one line in her email. She said, “It must be hard to keep your life spacious in the real world if you are keeping it so spacious on the web….”

Oftentimes I know what I need to pay particular attention to if it makes me feel like I might burst into tears; that’s a subtle clue!

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The Do Good Bus

I love, love, love this idea. It’s a “do good bus” that people ride, without knowing where they are going and without knowing exactly how they’ll be doing good. Part of the fun of having one’s own venture, like SPACIOUS, is being able to learn about what others are doing and give them shout-outs. So this is a big shout-out to the “Do Good Bus” people, who are helping non-profits, individuals and groups in Los Angeles.

I’d like to hand them a “Silver Lining”

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Nathan Barnatt & the SPACIOUS “State Dance”

SPACIOUS is a movement; it’s an enterprise; it’s a brainchild; it’s an evolving venture.  And it’s a state of mind.

And like all the states of the union have special symbols, SPACIOUS has its own too.  Texas, big and gnarly as it is, has the Nine-Banded Armadillo as its “state small mammal,” and they also celebrate the cast iron dutch oven as their “state cooking implement.” SPACIOUS may not go so far as to have our own small mammal or cooking implement,

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"Yes, and…" People

In the world of improv, there’s a concept of “yes, and.”  Meaning that if you say “yes, and,” then the action/narrative/drama/scene can go on, but if you say something akin to “no” or allow the dialogue or action to stop with you, then the scene is over.  It can’t go further without each player moving it along.

The beauty is that each participant gets to take it where they want to. Perhaps actor number one says, “I saw a bear today and I wanted to kill it and eat it.”

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The Influence of Pearl Fryar: Topiary Bringing Joy

Many of you have seen the movie, A Man Named Pearl.  If you haven’t, do.  It’s about a man who had no idea of the limitations of topiary art, so he just started pruning and hacking and created a kingdom to behold.

But better yet, hie thee down to Bishopville, South Carolina, as I did recently, and check out Pearl’s yard yourself.  It was positively inspiring, especially for fans of Dr. Seuss.  I don’t know that Pearl claims any inspiration of Dr.

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Live vs. Televised

I almost never watch television. People sometimes wonder what I DO with myself without watching shows and sports on television. I love to read; I love to explore; I go on road trips; I like to go to museums and galleries and hang out with friends and do puzzles and cook and — well, frankly — sit in silence.

The American way is to go into one’s home in the evening and watch things, often with alcohol in hand and often alone.

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