Spacious Moments Campaign



We love this project. Stash a stack of SPACIOUS Moments cards in your wallet or pocket and keep your eyes open for people doing spacious things.

Be sure and tell us about your “SPACIOUS moments” encounter through the form below!

So much is happening. When we’re looking for it instead of buried in our own electronic devices, our curiosity is rewarded because people everywhere are doing generous, open-hearted things.

Buy a package of our SPACIOUS Moments cards and carry them with you. In fact, if you can’t afford them, let us know and you won’t have to pay. How’s that for “spacious?”

Then when you notice somebody doing something great, write a brief few words about what you observed and hand the card to the lucky recipient. Dash off or engage in conversation if you dare, but either way that person will feel celebrated and then be linked to the SPACIOUS website, our Facebook page and Twitter (#spaciousmoments) so they can join our growing community and catch the vision. Or simply contact us here: