What happened to friends?

Friends are the people you can call in the middle of the night when you’re in jail. Or ask to come pick you up on the side of the road when your car breaks down. Or help you pull off a gargantuan task you’ve (over)committed to (“Sure I can make homemade chicken salad for 200 by tomorrow”).

That’s what friends are for, right?

Apparently friends perform those functions less and less, as we turn to professionals for meeting our needs.

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Guest Post: Agam’s Birthday Project

Today’s guest post is from Agam Rafaeli (pictured in the hat), who will introduce himself below. I (Cary) had the chance to meet him at the recent wedding of Joey and Rebecca Katona, when Joey told me that Agam was someone he particularly wanted me to meet. In the spirit of the post below, Agam and I were both eager to make a new friend and connect around our mutual love of Joey. So we slipped away from the band during the reception and spent a little time getting to know each other.

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Today’s guest post is by Natasha Kolar: Friends who play together stay together

I returned to Washington, DC recently after two weeks at home in California with dozens of memories of carefree fun spent with family and friends. Several lingering favorites took place in San Diego with Nicole Meyers, my former college roommate and chum of 12 years. Nicole is one of those whimsical souls who is just brimming with creative energy and is always game to join a random adventure or collaborate on a new project. She is nearly six-feet tall and wears her beach blonde hair long down her back like a mermaid.

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I’m far better-looking online.

Driving through town, I had to pull my car over and “Shazam” this song to find out what it is. Brad Paisley cracks me up with Online — a song about our efforts to snow everybody with our online presence. Listen!

Come on, you know it’s true. We want to convince people that we’re not beer-bellied or love-handle-laden normal people who sit at home and fret and stress and wish that we were something other than who we are.

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2004 057

Awkward Silence vs. the Sound of Two Hands Clapping

My son used to have a band called Awkward Silence. But the funny thing about that band was that, as far as the rest of us in the family could tell, the band was — well — silent. Awkwardly so. In that it had no other members and no actual instruments. It was a band that existed only in the space between this creative child’s ears.

Since he’s since gone on to other creative pursuits that have tangible evidence of existence,

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