Don’t we all want to belong? And don’t we all love the moment when we enter a room and someone makes eye contact, inviting us over to join the circle, and includes us?

Based in D.C., we’ve also had events in LA, Baltimore, and New York and can help you bring spacious magic to your place. We’re available to consult with you on how to create ways to foster neighbor love.

We love bringing together people to find that sense of community for which we were all made. And we’re revamping our events and adding SPACIOUS TABLE meals so that we can foster even deeper community.

Right now our founder, Cary Umhau, is in the midst of a book tour with her newly released memoir/SPACIOUS manifesto Burning Down the Fireproof Hotel. You can meet up with her at various events in multiple cities.


The Scoop on Events

Get in touch; we will be happy to chat with you about your event ideas or fill you in on what we’re scheming about doing.