An evening from scratch

Some SPACIOUS friends had me and my husband over for dinner recently. I’ll call them C & D, because if I gave you their first names you’d all be messing with them saying, “Can I come over?” and they’re normal people with jobs and lives to maintain; they can’t cook for all of us. Which is why we thought it was special to be invited for homemade enchiladas with green chiles straight from Hatch,  New Mexico.

Of course the fact that we are aficionados of Hatch chiles helped us get invited in the first place. And we promised that my husband would bring his famous Margarita mix (which is actually MIXED at home instead of bought in a fluorescent form from some company’s factory). Maybe that helped.

We were touched to be invited to a real home and served homemade food (no shortcuts; the enchiladas were even stacked, i.e. authentic).

How infrequently we all entertain in these homes we so prioritize owning or renting. We usually meet people out, at least in DC, when we hang out — because we don’t think our houses are nice enough or clean enough or something enough.

I thought the evening at C&D’s house deserved a handwritten thank-you note, not an email. Because some things do. And we had so much fun; the conversation was as good as the food.

The only thing that would have made it 100% from scratch is if somehow we’d been able to walk over (they live about 7 miles away) instead of driving; using leg-power seems more fitting for an evening where everyone took their time and made the effort and — by my ethos — did it right!

Anyway, this is just a shout-out to some good people, nameless though they will remain because their enchiladas and hospitality are hoard-worthy.

What can you do this coming weekend that’s from scratch, done with effort and authenticity? It’ll be much appreciated. You might even get a thank-you note written with a pen and not an email.

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