How do you feel about anticipation? What’s your style as it relates to thinking/stewing over/enjoying something before it even happens? Obviously that can relate to good things (a party!) or difficult things (a hurricane).

Is anticipation half the fun of a great event? Do you enjoy it more than you enjoy the actual event that’s coming?

And what if it’s something difficult? What if you are waiting for a hurricane, as much of the East Coast has been this week? What if you spend a big part of the week waiting for something that ultimately turns in another direction? Or do you decide not to think about it at all until it’s pressing down on your own neighborhood?

And how does your style affect your life? I’m a big believer that “mind over matter” is important, that neural pathways can be rewired, that we can discipline ourselves to think in ways that serve our goals. I’m not talking about denial; I’m not a fan of that. I’m talking about not bowing to emotional overload that derails our lives. I’m talking about letting the pre-frontal cortex dominate the amygdala.

I’m just raising the issue of your style of anticipation.  And in the meantime, have you listened to Carly Simon’s Anticipation lately? Go check it out!


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