Art in His Heart

We know what people’s noses look like. And their haircuts. And what they wear is obvious too.

But we sometimes find out that someone is full of art, crammed with soul, packed with stories… and we realize, well, that we all are a wellspring of unexpected surprises. And that the exterior packaging just isn’t an adequate indicator of what’s inside.

Especially if someone works at a job that requires a soul-concealing uniform.

Today I went to the post office, my usual neighborhood spot. And I noticed intriguing, colorful photography of a New Jersey boardwalk. Really spectacular work. And I commented on it to a clerk who told me that her colleague, the “guy at the next window,” had done it. What ensued was a fabulous conversation about his road trips, his photographer’s eye, another wall of photography that I’d missed entirely, and places he hopes to go next. Which sparked places I hope to go next (Joshua Tree).

I left there excited about that particular man’s talent. I skipped out into the world with a renewed sense of how important it is to slow down and not make assumptions.

I wish that postal workers and everybody could wear buttons that say, “I’m not a generic, government automaton; I’m me,” with plenty of room for a full-blown coolness resume. I wish we all could.

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