Before You & I Die…

What do you want to do before you die?

Art installation walls asking that question are popping up around the world. D.C. is sporting one down near Logan Circle at 14th & Q Streets, NW. You can read about it in The Washington Post.

I’ve loved visiting; I went twice in the first three days. It’s such a joy to see the connections made between people who are simply stopping by to add something or to read the entries. And it’s fascinating to read what people are writing.

I love it that the Post article says that the D.C. one is more multi-lingual than others and that we are a bunch of do-gooders. Not a shock. I love my gloriously intense city.

So I ask… what do you think the ethos of your community, collectively, would be? And what would you put at the top of your personal bucket list?  My SPACIOUS partner, Joey Katona & I will share if you will.

Joey says:

  • give a TED talk
  • hang glide
  • become a [great] father
  • master a foreign language
  • save a life

On my more superficial list, I’d say:

  • finish my earlier solo cross-country road trip (my car broke down and had to be towed across the country)
  • get my recently written book published
  • be healthier & more fit
  • go waterskiing
  • have dinner with Dave Brubeck [Listen to Take Five]
  • climb a magnolia tree
  • speak Spanish better

And in a more existential sense, I’d say:

  • Do what I was put on the planet to do

Your turn! What were you born to do?





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