Squirrel Underpants & Being Our Brothers’ Keepers

I had a little china business back in the earlyish days of eBay, and I did some public speaking about the ins and outs of eBay sales. And it was fun to shock the crowd with lists of some of the items one could actually buy (or sell) in the “Weird Stuff” category (which is in fact broken down into subgroups. No, I’m not kidding.

I’ve always been curious about why “Really Weird” (3,012 today) has so many less items listed than “Slightly Unusual”

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Striving is Overrated

The most fun thing I did last year was to roll down a steep hill, coming eventually to rest on a plateau. It wouldn’t have been fun if I didn’t plan it, but I did do it on purpose. I took to the grass with a friend, head to head, and we rolled like logs, laughing hysterically. It was pure fun, simple, free and spontaneous.

And yet it fell amidst all sorts of efforts and striving towards orchestrating fun events, at finding novelty and delight,

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The Myth of Sisyphus & Email

What are we all DOING? Checking our computers and phones with Pavlovian urgency, while cursing the fact that we can’t get away from our desks or phones or tasks.

I sat down to write today and soon felt a vague anxiety. Nothing had been bugging me a few minutes before. I traced the feeling to a sense of being overwhelmed that emails just come in faster than I can get them out. It’s the myth of Sisyphus for a modern age —

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Funky Toilets, Buses, Headboards & Buildings Lift My Spirits

I once heard a sermon* in which the preacher said that it would be practically impossible to commit suicide while listening to Handel’s Messiah. Aren’t there just pieces of music that lift you higher than where you started, or at least elevate you from a pit of despair?

And in that same vein, it’d be pretty unlikely that one could drive around in the van below and be (or stay) miserable. Once inside could you forget that Horton (that’s Horton,

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Life is Good (Enough)

I once read that singer Carly Simon took a polaroid photo every day and kept them in a special album. As I remember it, she did so to spur herself to record specific things for which she was grateful. I like the idea of doing something each day to jolt myself into more gratitude. I tried Carly’s gratitude photo idea one year and made it eleven days. I found that file recently and couldn’t remember exactly what about my vacuum cleaner made me so happy on one of the days,

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2011 was the year I first did… several things!

I love thinking, each year, about what I did in the past year that I had never done before. And I’d love to hear from readers on this! What did you do this year? Wow us!

Here are some of mine (in a list that is, by virtue of the fact that it’s my list, ridiculously self-focused):



  • Became a grandmother
  • Started SPACIOUS
  • Wrote a book
  • Wrote two more drafts of the book
  • Developed a website
  • Met lots of you
  • Hosted multiple SPACIOUS events
  • Met lots of new people in general (including my granddaughter,

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Singular Lives Remembered & Celebrated

The end of a year is a natural time to think about milestones. It’s a natural ending, followed by a new beginning.

As I look ahead at a new year, I always muse about what might transpire during the next distinctly packaged set of 365 days, what we call a year. Will there be births, deaths, engagements, losses, victories, surprises? Of course the answer is “yes” to each of those queries. But how close will they be to me, to my inner circle?

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Guest Post: Spacious Experience

This is a guest post by Adrianne Stone-Gibilisco. Learn more about her at the end of her post.

As a certified health coach, my mission is to help people lose weight by embracing the habits of health that will allow them peaceful longevity. Eating six times daily, avoiding excess sugars (including alcohol), and exercising regularly all contribute to this joyous equilibrium. As a writer, I find my own sense of balance challenged by distractions that, unchecked, can eat away at my creative energy.

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What are your five favorite items, physical things, material possessions?

When my SPACIOUS partner Joey and I were hanging out one day, I asked him this, and I loved his answer because it was entirely a list of things that symbolized experiences (his passport) or relationships (a photo). There was nothing about status or materialism. I loved what it said about him.

Why do we love what we love? How often would you put something on that list that’s purely about impressing someone?  

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Nerds and Romance Novels

My son and I used to laugh over a guy we called “mousse man.” His image was often on the cover of romance novels, a collection of which were displayed near the checkout counter of our local public library. When we’d go in to get our fix of Tintin or Where’s Waldo? or The Pennywhistle Party Planner, we’d exclaim over how much mousse “mousse man” had in his hair and how (frankly) creepy it was that his pecs were so prominently and unctuously displayed.

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