Burning Down the Fireproof Hotel is Available

The book I’ve been talking about for so long (How long? Three and a half years, seven rewrites and 25 readers’ opinions worth of “long.”) is finally out in the world.

It’s a spiritual memoir, and it’s the background story on why “spaciousness” matters to me. Yes, it’s quirky. No, it can’t be easily categorized. It’s not a tame Sunday school story, but it’s full of Jesus. It’s an exposé of my own judgmental and critical nature, racism, ethnocentrism, fears and — ultimately — the beginnings of change and healing and freedom, love and joy. It’s got some road-tripping. It’s got some colorful characters. It’s sad. I hope it’s funny.

The fabulous cover painting and all the artistic design and editing were done by Ben Kolesar, whom many of you know from his stellar One Page Bible project.

Here’s how you can get it, and I hope you will:

Shop local at Politics & Prose Bookstore in DC. Call ahead (202-364-1919) for availability..

On Amazon in paperback and Kindle

On Kobo, the indie e-reader

At Barnesandnoble.com and NOOK

(And it’s coming soon on Audible and in French translation.)