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What WE’LL BE, Will Be

Yesterday, the day after the U.S. presidential election, I shared this by email with our subscribers. I wanted to share it with more of you because so many share our desire to DO something positive for this beautiful land and its people:


Well, it happened. And it’s over.

And because the point of SPACIOUS is to connect beyond the usual boundaries, to step out of the usual silos, we SPACIOUS people see this election,

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Being Lovers, Not Fighters

Recently I sent this post out to those who subscribe to our site. I wanted to post it for others too as it’s sparked some good conversations:

I hope you didn’t take my subject line the wrong way because 34 years into my marriage, I’m sticking with my man. But like Michael Jackson sang with Paul McCartney, “I’m a lover, not a fighter!” How about you?

Our national discourse is distressing. And Christians, among whom I count myself,

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Burning Down the Fireproof Hotel is Available

The book I’ve been talking about for so long (How long? Three and a half years, seven rewrites and 25 readers’ opinions worth of “long.”) is finally out in the world.

It’s a spiritual memoir, and it’s the background story on why “spaciousness” matters to me. Yes, it’s quirky. No, it can’t be easily categorized. It’s not a tame Sunday school story, but it’s full of Jesus. It’s an exposé of my own judgmental and critical nature, racism, ethnocentrism, fears and —

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Let’s Get A Reality Check!

Last night some friends and I were talking about how we all share images of ourselves on social media as if our lives were perfect. We curate impressions. We manage what we share.

When I recently posted a Facebook cover photo of myself on a swing, one friend commented, “You have such a fun life.” I wanted to rip the picture down. I felt disingenuous… because obviously I’d posted the picture to telegraph my fun quotient, my free spirit… but I was self-aware even on the swing when I saw my friend snap the photo.

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Learning to See “Diamonds in the Rough” Among Us

People thought there was no film in the camera so they usually humored the odd little man who showed up at every wedding in the town of Maryborough, Australia for nearly 50 years.

Wal Richards, an illiterate, mentally and physically disabled man, rode his bicycle to weddings and photographed them for decades, amassing 20,000 photographs that no one had ever seen until after his death in 1967. Here is a bit of his story (and be sure and see/hear the audio slide show).

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The SPACIOUS State Cupcake

The once-humble cupcake has had a nice long stay on the cool desserts list. I thought the bubble was going to burst, but it hasn’t. So SPACIOUS has jumped on the bandwagon, and we now have a SPACIOUS “state cupcake,” much like we have a “state dance,” a “state meal,” and a “state playlist.” We need all these things because SPACIOUS is a state; SPACIOUS is a “state of mind.” And all states have symbols (think “state bird of Florida”).

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Things I sometimes wonder about…







Do “folks” really dress up like Eskimos for Christmas?

Does Richard Simmons wear that outfit to church and to the opera?

Can the cowboy and the farmer really be friends?

Has Elton John been waiting all these years to name a kid “Levon?”

When we see those we consider “downtrodden,” do we ever wonder who’s been treading?

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The SPACIOUS State Playlist

If/since SPACIOUS is a state of mind, it needs state symbols like any good state has — a state reptile, a state protein, or perhaps the more common state flag, state bird, or state dog.

We’ve already chosen a state dance, and I wrote about it here.

We’ve already chosen a state meal, the potluck, and I wrote about that.

Today we’re celebrating a SPACIOUS playlist that my partner Joey and I have co-created.

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