Cary Umhau

Before You & I Die…

What do you want to do before you die?

Art installation walls asking that question are popping up around the world. D.C. is sporting one down near Logan Circle at 14th & Q Streets, NW. You can read about it in The Washington Post.

I’ve loved visiting; I went twice in the first three days. It’s such a joy to see the connections made between people who are simply stopping by to add something or to read the entries.

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Washington Post features SPACIOUS

Emily Wax of the Washington Post has more or less written my blogpost for me today. Because how can I improve on her story about SPACIOUS and other cool organizations that are advocating and facilitating play!?

Here’s the story, which graced the cover of the STYLE section in the print version of the Post.

We’re definitely about recess. Add to that a desire that people are known deeply, that we banish “us and them”

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The Clues Were There

If I’d met you when you were three, what would I have been able to predict about your future loves and passions? Because the clues were likely there.

I’m a big believer that we are most ourselves in elementary school and the young years, and that, sadly, we then often go off in directions of people pleasing, familial expectations, and “shoulds” and thus move away from what we were made to do.

My own theology includes the idea that we were each prepared with good works to do,

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SPACIOUS beyond the blog

Many of you simply read our blog. And a “thank you” is in order. But there’s so much more to SPACIOUS than the blog that I wanted to take the opportunity to fill you in on who and what we are if you only know our blog.

SPACIOUS came about after years of dreaming and praying. I’ve long wanted to do something radical that does nothing less than create the space for people to reimagine the worth of everybody they run into and to begin experiencing more freedom in life,

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