Which generous one are you?

Have you seen the video of Caine’s Arcade?  You NEED TO stop and watch it now (please!). If you don’t, this post won’t make sense. But more importantly if you don’t, you’ll miss a chance for your life to be enhanced.

This has been all over the internet, and it’s worth wondering why it strikes such a chord.

Okay, you watched?  And you’re back?


Let’s talk about the characters in this real-life story:

  • Caine’s dad —

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Who do you want to play with?

I want to play with the kids who don’t care if they have egg in their hair. And who want to try something new. And who don’t mind if they’re a little too much of whatever their culture says is wrong (dark skin, light skin, big, small, funny, serious). Who just think, “Screw all that; I’m going to have fun.”

Those are the people I want to play with or hang out with or drink coffee or margaritas with… those people who won’t be defined by shame or perfection or shoulds or by anything other than their God-given fabulosity and the right to take up space on the planet “as is.”

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Wherever You Go, There You Are

Yes, wherever you go, there you are.  And if you’ve been there often, chances are you don’t even see, truly see, the landscape.

So sometimes you need to take a new route. And at other times you need to take an entirely random route.

What if you had time to wander… where would you go? How would you decide? What might you discover?

Today, I discovered psychogeography. Is this something everyone else knows about? Am I simply new to the party?

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Awkward Silence vs. the Sound of Two Hands Clapping

My son used to have a band called Awkward Silence. But the funny thing about that band was that, as far as the rest of us in the family could tell, the band was — well — silent. Awkwardly so. In that it had no other members and no actual instruments. It was a band that existed only in the space between this creative child’s ears.

Since he’s since gone on to other creative pursuits that have tangible evidence of existence,

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