Pamela Terry, Choosing a Path

I’m delighted to introduce you SPACIOUS people to Pamela Terry, a first-class human being and a writer who always stimulates me.

I offer her guest post today with gratitude for her words that are a balm in a complicated time:

I recently heard someone say that whenever he sees an adult wearing braces, he smiles. Because of the optimism. This made me chuckle and then it made me think.

Optimism is a tricky thing these days,

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Cue the Magic and Mischief, Guest Post by Tasha Kolar

I was born at 2:37 in the morning. For some reason that fact has stuck with me all these years. Is that normal? Do you know what time you were born?

Maybe I held onto those digits because, as a proud, tutu-wearing junior ballerina, I was never given a jersey number the way young athletes are. My husband Zack took 29 from his dad when playing soccer, frisbee, basketball, etc. My brother Eames always used 31 in honor of the great Barry Bonds.

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Guest Post: Marti Healy on Painting Life Upside Down

 (Author photo by Shelly Marshall Schmidt)

The woman had both hands drenched in paint. She pressed them onto the large canvas in front of her. Working with one hand and then the other, sometimes both together, she smoothed and swirled, stroked and shaped, covered and revealed the image into being. It became a face.

But it was a face presented entirely in positive and negative spaces. A face that only became recognizable at the very end of the process.

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The Limits of the Internet, or What Do We Really Desire?

The internet and my use of technology is making me shaky. Neurologically, that’s true as our attention spans shrink and our brains get rewired. When we subconsciously check our phones 20 times in an hour, what are we looking for? Connection through a text or Instagram picture? Breaking news? What do I want? What do YOU want?

The internet is a beautiful tool, but it’s also a vomitorium. And engaging it as a medium (regardless of the content) leaves me feeling like I’m in an information coma.

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What WE’LL BE, Will Be

Yesterday, the day after the U.S. presidential election, I shared this by email with our subscribers. I wanted to share it with more of you because so many share our desire to DO something positive for this beautiful land and its people:


Well, it happened. And it’s over.

And because the point of SPACIOUS is to connect beyond the usual boundaries, to step out of the usual silos, we SPACIOUS people see this election,

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Guest Post: Austin Graff on Ridding the World of Stranger Danger One Airbnb Stay at a Time

With headlines about police brutality, religious extremism, and police being targeted, it’s easier than ever to stay within your own circle, never branching out. More than ever, kids are growing up with a strong sense of “stranger danger.” Scripture clearly commands, “‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these” in the book of Mark, but how can we live this out today? It was on a recent Airbnb stay that my wife and I started to dig into this topic.

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My Saints March On

I’m realizing that there are people from my past that I think about often. They’d probably have been surprised to know it, but they are some of the “saints” I recall, people who in one way or another have helped me grow, helped me grow up, helped me move into being my true self, helped me know more of God.

I bet you’ve got some of those people in your life. I’d love to hear about them.

Mine include:

  • My maternal grandmother,

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Being Lovers, Not Fighters

Recently I sent this post out to those who subscribe to our site. I wanted to post it for others too as it’s sparked some good conversations:

I hope you didn’t take my subject line the wrong way because 34 years into my marriage, I’m sticking with my man. But like Michael Jackson sang with Paul McCartney, “I’m a lover, not a fighter!” How about you?

Our national discourse is distressing. And Christians, among whom I count myself,

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God-Glory Concentrate

Scripture says that people are the greatest manifestation of God’s glory, even more than nature, which Psalm 19 tells us reveals who God is. I love a quote by author Tim Keller, pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York. He says that cities have the greatest concentration of the image of God per square mile by virtue of having so many people in them.

I often think of that when I’m on the subway, crammed in with many people,

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Have you ever seen a stranger (or it could be a friend) doing something fun, generous, open-hearted, crazy… and it just made your day?

Maybe you thought, “I wish I could give him a gold star for that,” or “How awkward would it be if I just started clapping?”

Well, now there’s a socially acceptable way to give a shout-out to somebody who’s living spaciously. And to share with others the cool thing that made your day.

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