The Spacious “State Meal”

SPACIOUS is a state of mind. That’s our vision. I’m a big believer that every individual matters enormously, so if even one person had his or her life enlarged by our venture, by the possibilities we hold up, by the ideas we espouse, by the events we create, by the actions we recommend, then we’d be a success.

If a whole bunch of people were thus inspired, well all the better. For what are bunches of people other than conglomerations of individuals?

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Too Wired and Connected to be Spacious

A subscriber to our site, Hannah, sent me an email after she signed up. I loved “meeting” her online, and I was also dumbstruck by one line in her email. She said, “It must be hard to keep your life spacious in the real world if you are keeping it so spacious on the web….”

Oftentimes I know what I need to pay particular attention to if it makes me feel like I might burst into tears; that’s a subtle clue!

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Nathan Barnatt & the SPACIOUS “State Dance”

SPACIOUS is a movement; it’s an enterprise; it’s a brainchild; it’s an evolving venture.  And it’s a state of mind.

And like all the states of the union have special symbols, SPACIOUS has its own too.  Texas, big and gnarly as it is, has the Nine-Banded Armadillo as its “state small mammal,” and they also celebrate the cast iron dutch oven as their “state cooking implement.” SPACIOUS may not go so far as to have our own small mammal or cooking implement,

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Not Elvis

I see him most days as I zip around the neighborhood. He’s been an Elvis look-alike, dress-alike for years, a clearly cultivated persona. This is not bloated Elvis, or flamboyant Elvis or even dying-on-the-toilet Elvis (was that a myth?). And he’s not even Army Elvis or daddy Elvis or “I’m with Priscilla” Elvis. This is generic Elvis. Elvis at his core without any of the drama going on.

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Love, Loss and What An Ex Kept

I’m a cynic about calling in to radio shows to express myself on the air. I don’t know why my opinion matters, and even if it did, I can’t imagine I’d ever get through the digital equivalent of a lit-up switchboard. Why bother, really?

So when I found myself pulling my car over to the side of the road recently to call D.C.’s MIX 107.3, I was surprised. I didn’t know the depth of loss I felt.

The topic was “things you gave your ex that they kept when you broke up.”

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Shlumpadinkas and the Intimidating World of Retail

Recently I went to a foreign country, AKA a major-name clothing store. Okay no need to be coy; it was Lord & Taylor. I’m not a shopper (okay, I need to be kidnapped, blindfolded and led in wearing a straitjacket). But this time I did go under my own steam because I am wearing the same shirt every day, because L&T is near my house, and because there was a sale.

And people, this is a bizarre experience if you don’t do it regularly.

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You are what you read.

Ok, I admit it… I used to spy on people.  I fancied myself a regular Harriet the Spy, and I even had a spy route. But I was only 10.

When I matured, I knew that spying was wrong… so I gave it up. And took on “observing.” Same behavior, different label.

I don’t go into anybody’s private business. I don’t read mail that’s not for me. I don’t do dumpster-diving for financial information.  I just pay attention.

And one thing I’ve noticed is that you can tell a lot about somebody by what they read.

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