Reality Check

Camping out to be the first to buy… what?

When Apple released each iteration of the iPhone, people went wild, took the day off from work, camped out to be among the first to buy it, and generally congratulated themselves on being on the cutting edge of, well, everything. And indeed they were, because these phones (each version) really are something that we wouldn’t have been able to imagine even a decade ago. And they’re fun.

I’m a big Apple fan, and I love their products.

But I was struck dumb when I went to the AT&T store recently to replace my stolen iPhone.

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Size does matter; should it?

Get a look at the size of that guy’s… TV screen. Really?  That’s the new realm of bragging rights, shame and envy?

Jura Koncius of The Washington Post wrote a piece on January 26. I’ve not been able to find it online but the print version has sat on my desk for a month needling me and pissing me off.

Harris Interactive, a polling service, conducted a poll on behalf of Sony Electronics (so consider the bias),

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High Heels Aren’t Me

Men, bear with me. For you have your own metaphorical version of this. Perhaps Joey can enlighten us. Or who else wants to?

I was on a trip last week, and I fell in love with four-inch-high shoes. Had to have them. Wanted them desperately. More importantly, I wanted to be the sort of person who could actually wear them and pull it off. Which I’m not.

So I convinced myself in the store that these four-inch shoes would be very comfortable,

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Amateur vs. Professional Lovefests

I was whining about Valentine’s Day in my last post. About it being amateur night and all. I sound like a super-cranky, sour grapes sourpuss (does anyone use that word any more?). And I’m not.

I had a perfectly nice Valentine’s Day (and yet my husband’s and my celebration is yet to come… saving it for the weekend).

My complaint about such Hallmark holidays is that they’re all about the expectations, and then they never match up, and those involved end up feeling crappy about their perfectly good relationships.

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In Praise of Messy Outcomes and Favorite Mistakes

My last blogpost was about favorite mistakes. And it spurred me to want to write (here) about the road trip I referenced there, and how great a day I had when my car broke down. That’s not our usual way of looking at things, and I want to put in a plug for rethinking what constitutes a perfect day.

I was out on the road. I was driving, singing, praying, wondering, imagining and dreaming, and then I hit a brick wall.

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My Favorite Mistake

We’re instituting a new SPACIOUS feature — blogposts on “My Favorite Mistake.” We’ll be featuring disastrous or embarrassing things from time to time, in the hope that we can all remember it’s not only us who walk around with toilet paper trailing from our shoes or who commit social gaffes at important work events.

What’s your favorite mistake? Oh wait, you’ve never really favored your mistakes? Well, let’s change that.

Newsweek has a weekly column by that name (read about it here in Media Bistro’s Fishbowl LA) or read one of my favorite “My Favorite Mistake”

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Striving is Overrated

The most fun thing I did last year was to roll down a steep hill, coming eventually to rest on a plateau. It wouldn’t have been fun if I didn’t plan it, but I did do it on purpose. I took to the grass with a friend, head to head, and we rolled like logs, laughing hysterically. It was pure fun, simple, free and spontaneous.

And yet it fell amidst all sorts of efforts and striving towards orchestrating fun events, at finding novelty and delight,

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The Myth of Sisyphus & Email

What are we all DOING? Checking our computers and phones with Pavlovian urgency, while cursing the fact that we can’t get away from our desks or phones or tasks.

I sat down to write today and soon felt a vague anxiety. Nothing had been bugging me a few minutes before. I traced the feeling to a sense of being overwhelmed that emails just come in faster than I can get them out. It’s the myth of Sisyphus for a modern age —

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What are your five favorite items, physical things, material possessions?

When my SPACIOUS partner Joey and I were hanging out one day, I asked him this, and I loved his answer because it was entirely a list of things that symbolized experiences (his passport) or relationships (a photo). There was nothing about status or materialism. I loved what it said about him.

Why do we love what we love? How often would you put something on that list that’s purely about impressing someone?  

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Too Wired and Connected to be Spacious

A subscriber to our site, Hannah, sent me an email after she signed up. I loved “meeting” her online, and I was also dumbstruck by one line in her email. She said, “It must be hard to keep your life spacious in the real world if you are keeping it so spacious on the web….”

Oftentimes I know what I need to pay particular attention to if it makes me feel like I might burst into tears; that’s a subtle clue!

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