Silver Lining

Guest Post by Stacie Marinelli, Spacious Sharing During Cancer Treatment

SPACIOUS is about community and opening up our hearts, so when Cary spoke to me last year about guest blogs, what came to mind was the almost magical sharing that went on between people who surrounded me during the time I was in treatment for oral cancer in 2012 and 2013. With my family far from the DC area and living on my own, in large part I was making treatment decisions and going to radiation, surgeries, and other medical appointments by myself.

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God Sightings on the Dance Floor

I believe in a God who shows up everywhere, not just in churches. I believe that awkward things turned around have the whiff of God about them. I don’t know how all this works; if I did, the very fact of it being easily explainable would take away the mystery that makes it supernatural, beyond natural. But I do believe it, and here’s one experience of why:

I was recently at a wedding. One of the bridesmaids was all set to sing a sacred song as part of the church service.

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Glory and Crap Coexist

A perfect illustration of life:

I was on a walk. Feeling a little sorrowful. Feeling a little wonderful. Does anybody else regularly hold those two in tension?

The weather was perfect, 68 degrees and breezy, and I was walking in an area with glorious high trees.  They were swaying in the breeze, rustling as I walked by. I was arrested by the combination of that sight and what hit my ears.

I had my iPod on a random shuffle and had probably been bouncing between Teenage Lobotomy and Firework,

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High Heels Aren’t Me

Men, bear with me. For you have your own metaphorical version of this. Perhaps Joey can enlighten us. Or who else wants to?

I was on a trip last week, and I fell in love with four-inch-high shoes. Had to have them. Wanted them desperately. More importantly, I wanted to be the sort of person who could actually wear them and pull it off. Which I’m not.

So I convinced myself in the store that these four-inch shoes would be very comfortable,

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In Praise of Messy Outcomes and Favorite Mistakes

My last blogpost was about favorite mistakes. And it spurred me to want to write (here) about the road trip I referenced there, and how great a day I had when my car broke down. That’s not our usual way of looking at things, and I want to put in a plug for rethinking what constitutes a perfect day.

I was out on the road. I was driving, singing, praying, wondering, imagining and dreaming, and then I hit a brick wall.

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My Favorite Mistake

We’re instituting a new SPACIOUS feature — blogposts on “My Favorite Mistake.” We’ll be featuring disastrous or embarrassing things from time to time, in the hope that we can all remember it’s not only us who walk around with toilet paper trailing from our shoes or who commit social gaffes at important work events.

What’s your favorite mistake? Oh wait, you’ve never really favored your mistakes? Well, let’s change that.

Newsweek has a weekly column by that name (read about it here in Media Bistro’s Fishbowl LA) or read one of my favorite “My Favorite Mistake”

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Boring is the New Special

One of my mantras is “Give me a random Tuesday over a holiday any day.” Which is a grammatically strange mantra, now that I think of it because you can’t really have a Tuesday any day; it has to happen on — well — a Tuesday.

What I mean by that is that “normal” suits me.  “Special” is less compelling. And a corollary of that is that normal can be special. Simply because it’s so normal. Or it’s glorious in its normalcy.

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