Celebrating Marvin Hamlisch

This weekend I had a fun conversation with my friend Geraldine, who likes musical theater as much as I do. But of course we never knew that about each other because, well, when does that come up? We happened to be at a retreat where we had to name two things about ourselves that others might not know — and we found a match. That’s always fun!

We got to talking about Marvin Hamlisch, and I told her that I’d been truly disappointed when I had not been able to go to his recent funeral. It was open to the public, and I seriously contemplated it. Once my father shared the stage with Marvin, but that’s a story for another day. Most of my associations were just like anybody’s: I bought an LP; I bought a CD; I went to a play; I heard him conduct an orchestra at Wolf Trap Park in DC.

It got me thinking about how much joy one person’s life, lived well, can bring to others, to strangers. This wildly prolific man composed so much music that we all know… and as I sit here listening to the music from A Chorus Line, I’m reflecting on how much his music provided the soundtrack for my life.

So here’s to that “one singular sensation,” Marvin Hamlisch, who died way too young but produced ten lifetimes worth of beauty, joy, music, innovation and collaboration. “He’s the ONE!”

(IF you’re an obituary junkie like me, here’s an afternoon’s fun: read dozens about Marvin!)


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