Companionship as Soul Medicine

There’s a scene in the movie, Little Miss Sunshine (please go watch it!). The scene is widely considered to be funny. I watch it and weep; it’s the most poignant thing I’ve ever seen. A gawky girl, entirely out of place in the beauty pageant world, takes the stage in a talent competition to dance to Superfreak. The judges and stuffy audience are horrified by her unorthodox, slightly inappropriate gyrations. They boo her, and try to get her off stage.

Her crazy, dysfunctional family comes to her defense in the most beautiful of acts; they join her in her dance, gyrating and dancing as one.

I heard the phrase “companionship as soul medicine” recently somewhere. And oh, it’s true, isn’t it? Is there anything more powerful than just knowing that we’re not alone?

Regardless of the setting, we just need one person to say, “Come with me,” or “Here, take this seat,” or “I’ve felt that way too.”

We complicate it, thinking we have to be the solution to all the problems in someone’s life or that we must have the right answer to a dilemma.

But sometimes we just need to show up and sit there. And other times we need to join somebody in dancing to Superfreak.


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