Everything Fits

I just added an entry to my calendar, and if the truth is told (which it always should be), the entry signifies an event which I rather dread.

Yet when I typed it in to my handy-dandy MAC calendar, I accidentally added an exclamation point at the end. Since it would be rude and hurtful to delineate exactly which social engagement I am not looking forward to in upcoming weeks, let me use an imaginary one: “Root canal while hearing fingernails on a chalkboard while eating my least favorite food, celery!

See… doesn’t that “!” just take the sting out of something unpleasant? Shouldn’t it make me look forward to this outing?

I think this is the calendar version of a Bible verse I love. It says, “Rejoice always.”

What if all that we do and the interruptions that change our plans are all valuable, all part of life’s purpose, all part of our own growth and progress?

What if everything fits? What if every moment really is full of wonder and meaning? What if the present is where we ought to be, fully there, fully engaged? What if there are no encounters with other people that are wastes of time or unimportant?

Thinking about it this way, I’m rather transformed and feeling expectant as I wonder what might happen during that “root canal” appointment.

Which leads me to say, “!!!!!!!!!!”

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