Fairies and Economists

Overheard in a coffee shop… “My mother’s best friend decided she was a fairy and moved into the woods in Vermont. She lives without electricity or running water. She’s very cool (but totally nuts). She’s basically what my mother would have been if she hadn’t married an economist.”  WHOA!

This reminds me of a friend who says, when confronted with her lack of familiarity with all things emotional, “What do you expect?  I was raised by engineers!”

Are you more of a fairy or more of an economist/engineer or somewhere in between? Do you live more out of your heart or your head? Are you more comfortable with emotion or logic?

Tell me what that means to you. How does it manifest in your life? What does it look like day to day?

2 thoughts on “Fairies and Economists

  1. I’m definitely an economist who’s married to fairy. It may sound cliche, but sharing my world with someone who sees that world in a totally different light is refreshing.

  2. Love it! A good combo. I think Andrew and I have a bit of that dichotomy going on.

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