Free Love

We’re giving things away. Free.

  • 20 minutes of conversation via telephone on how to make your own life more spacious (Where do you feel stuck?)
  • one SPACIOUS t-shirt mailed to you in the U.S.
  • one SPACIOUS sticker mailed to you in the U.S.

Each free prize will go to the first person to email me at and say which one you want. We’ll then snail-mail you if you want one of the tangible items (though I hope the conversation will “touch” your life as it impacts mine to talk to YOU). Bad pun.

The reason we’re doing this is because generosity is cool. Not keeping score or charging for everything is cool. Throwing good stuff out to the universe for free is cool (think of those catapults that launch t-shirts at basketball games).

Chris Guillebeau of The Art of Nonconformity wrote a post about this. Read it. Read him. He’s generous. I love that about him. I learn from him and want to be more generous myself.

And Amanda Palmer’s excellent brand new TED talk was about asking for what you want (and the exchange of generosity). I loved it. You might too.

And you might want to keep the love going and share something free with the world.

Viral love. It sounds like a medical problem. But it’s really a cure.

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