Funky Toilets, Buses, Headboards & Buildings Lift My Spirits

I once heard a sermon* in which the preacher said that it would be practically impossible to commit suicide while listening to Handel’s Messiah. Aren’t there just pieces of music that lift you higher than where you started, or at least elevate you from a pit of despair?

And in that same vein, it’d be pretty unlikely that one could drive around in the van below and be (or stay) miserable. Once inside could you forget that Horton (that’s Horton, right?) is smiling on a plaid landscape (even in spite of some recent, too-close contact with another vehicle)?

Could you actually grumble and complain behind those groovy chocolate-colored linen curtains which keep the fun in and the rays out? This is a picnic car, a roadtrip car, a happymobile — not a grit-your-teeth-through-gridlock machine. Why aren’t we all driving one? Dignity is overrated.Or how could you stay grumpy if you looked up at the top of a building and saw this (as I did in Barcelona, thanks to Gaudi)? Was he laughing when he had this idea?









Or what if you slept in a bed with this headboard as I did last year at a hotel in North Carolina? Isn’t that conducive to creative dreams?

Or, finally, as an absolute absurdity, what if your home sported a toilet like this one (not practical but clearly an award winner one year at my local county fair)?










I love wandering, exploring, seeing what’s out there. Always have. Probably always will. And one of the chief reasons is that it’s impossible to stay in my own head (where I’m often tempted to hang out) when I see stimulating, funny, perplexing or visually metaphorical things.

So when I need to, I’ll wander, listening to Handel’s Messiah or La Bamba or something that ignites me. And I’ll take my camera along in case I find something I want to remember — and smile at over and over.

There’s a lot to notice and appreciate out there in this big, crazy world.


*That preacher was Tim Keller of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York. I subscribe to his excellent sermons.

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