God-Glory Concentrate


Scripture says that people are the greatest manifestation of God’s glory, even more than nature, which Psalm 19 tells us reveals who God is. I love a quote by author Tim Keller, pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York. He says that cities have the greatest concentration of the image of God per square mile by virtue of having so many people in them.

I often think of that when I’m on the subway, crammed in with many people, often too many for the space. I pray to see those people the way God sees them and not as interruptions to my agenda (a quiet ride with plenty of space around me). I pray to notice the variety and beauty of the people whose thighs are touching mine, whose armpits waver above my head.

If I don’t ask to see people through God’s eyes, I’m my usual ornery self, thinking of life as a play in which I’m the star, and the extras aren’t playing their parts right.

But when I do ask God to show me how he sees his people, riding on the subway, sitting in a movie, hanging out on lonely street corners, He is more than willing to share the love that he has for every one of them.

And then it’s more than I can stand to take in the sight, to imagine all those stories just waiting to be told and heard, to contemplate all the talent and imagination and potential, and to bathe in that much glory.