Guest Post: Adrienne Stone-Gibilisco — Best Laid Plans

No matter how one plans for a perfect event, circumstances may arise that require the ability to be flexible and have a good sense of humor.

One Thanksgiving, I invited over about 20 guests. This eclectic mix of family, friends and co-workers came together with an appetite for food AND fun.  One of my guests, who lives healthfully and is always willing to share his recipes, brought supplies to prepare delicious smoothies.  Smoothies for Thanksgiving?  Why not!?  From his shopping bag, he retrieved almond butter, strawberries, mangos, carrots and a few other tasty items that he dropped, one after the other into my blender.  We stood around in anticipation as he pressed the “puree” button while regaling us with details of how energetic we would be after tasting this fabulous concoction.

Cranberry sauce and freshly cooked turkey were forgotten as we watched in eager anticipation while the blender mixed this frothy creation.  After some time, he determined it had reached its perfect consistency and lifted the blender from its base to pour it into each of the cups we‘d excitedly extended…only to have the bottom drop out and the entire mixture implode all over the counter, down the cabinets and onto the floor.  The blender bottom landed with a sickening thud.  Everyone gasped and looked aghast at me  – the woman who prides herself on a spotless room and a perfectly planned meal with nothing out of place or overlooked.  Would I cry?  Stalk out of the room and pout?  Yell?  Instead, I burst into laughter and reached a finger towards the slick of beverage pooling on my granite counter.  It was delicious!  Soon, everyone was using their hands to sample the mix, all of us giggling at the absurdity of it all.  Was it a mess?  Certainly!  But it was one of the most memorable and ridiculous Thanksgivings we’ve ever had.

Sometimes, the best laid plans are the ones you put on layaway.  Be flexible, learn to laugh when things go awry, keep your perspective.  You’ll glean more joy of such occasions and have a good story to tell years later.

Adrianne is a journalist, screenwriter and certified health coach.  Visit her at for her scribing work and to learn more about optimal health.

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