Guest Post: Darcie Purcell, Do As I Say, Not As I Do… A Word for Women

Ladies, when was the last time you did something new? Just tried something for the sake of trying it? Think about it…while I tell you this story.

I was driving to the mall to go shopping with a girlfriend a few months ago. She lives a comfortable life, always has enough money since she is the VP of some big finance company and her husband is a sergeant for the police department. They have two children, two cars, twice-yearly vacations in Florida, and a five-bedroom house.

My friend told me that she signed her daughter up for a three hour softball camp on an upcoming Saturday morning and that it was a good deal at $45 for the session. She told her daughter, who was apprehensive and unsure she would like softball or that she would make friends at the camp, that she HAD to try it. She said to her daughter, “How do you know you aren’t going to like it if you have never tried it?” I nodded and agreed with her assessment of the situation.

While we were driving along I began to think about how that advice is lost on adults.  The “do as I say, not as I do” philosophy seems to run deep in most women. We see clearly for our siblings, friends, and children that getting out in the world, trying new things, and not getting caught in a rut are important for leading a rich life…but we seem to lose sight of that when it comes to our own lives.

God forbid my friend, who will go unnamed (or she might strangle me!), allow herself to spend $45 on trying something new. Most women I know would consider that a “waste of money.”  They would spend $45, $100 or $200 at the drop of a hat if their kids wanted to try something, but to spend it on themselves in that way…to just try something…would be unheard of or selfish. Ladies will spend $100 on another pair of black shoes or justify buying that dress on the clearance rack for $40, but they can’t wrap their heads around doing something new instead of buying something new.

The act of doing something new creates wealth beyond anything that could be bought.

Try it, you might like it.


Curiosity, creativity, accountability and helping women achieve what at some earlier point in time seemed impossible, is what Darcie Purcell is most passionate about in life. Darcie is the founder of Xplorer Girls, a women’s excursion club based in the western suburbs of Chicago.  She also leads workshops developed to spark personal growth and the expansion of possibility at any age and is an A.C.E. certified personal trainer. Learn more at and at

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