It Takes All Kinds

Living in a biggish city, I love the variety of people that I encounter. How fun it is to have cross-pollination of the various worlds we inhabit; I do love that.

I often think about juxtapositions among my nearest and dearest. The fact is that within a week’s time:

  • I could have visitors who prefer  Bircher muesli and visitors who prefer Lucky Charms.
  • I could invite over the friends who grew up working picking fruit for pay in elementary school and those who counted their debutante year as the hardest “work” they’ve ever done.
  • I could host English professors and non-English-speakers.
  • I might spend time with a recent immigrant and then with those who don’t think there should be immigrants at all.
  • I might trade book suggestions with some current administration politicos and then get a few tips from Bush 41 connections.
  • I could host the crowd that wears Bulgari’s Pour Femme perfume and then people who are suspicious of deodorant with “active ingredients.”

I love the infinite variety of people found in this world.  I love the variety found on any continent, in any country, in any state or region, in every city, in any neighborhood, up and down every street and — even — in any given family.  When we’re open to variety and otherness, there’s never a dull moment.

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