Lessons Learned at the World Domination Summit

This week we have an extra blogpost in honor of a powerful weekend. We sent this out to our subscribers who receive weekly updates by email (join them, bottom right). And I wanted to share it with others too.  So here’s a report from the World Domination Summit:

Way back last summer when SPACIOUS was — in human terms — a newborn, we read about a crazy event, the World Domination Summit in Portland, Oregon July 6 to 8, 2012.

One thousand tickets to the World Domination sold out in a matter of minutes. We bought  two of them, not even fully understanding what the Summit was, simply because we felt resonance with the vision: living a remarkable life in a conventional world.

After two and a half days with 1000 people, five keynotes and two workshops per day, needless to say there’s a lot to process and integrate into SPACIOUS.  But a few immediate takeaways that Joey and I can share with you this morning revolve around acting in spite of obstacles to seize the life you have in mind, not waiting until a “better time.”  Here are some highlights:

Brené Brown talked about the necessity of “uncoolness” and vulnerability for living lives of wholeheartedness, joy and connection. And isn’t it great news that being uncool is an asset?

Scott Harrison, founder of charity:water, started that venture when he was in debt, with no practical experience. He has changed the face of charity and brought clean water to millions. Check out his story, and act on your dreams in spite of the obstacles. And consider “donating” your birthday to raise money for water projects around the world; thousands are doing it.

Introvert Susan Cain talked about learning to do public speaking when her book Quiet: The Power of Introverts brought her many speaking requests, including a TED talk invitation. She acted to get the necessary skills instead of saying “not my thing.”

Do you have a stuck place, and what can you do about it?


PHOTO CREDIT: Armosa Studios.  Joey and I trading superhero cards during Chris Brogan’s talk.

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