Let’s Do a “Log Jam” Project… but How?

I’m an 18.5-year breast cancer survivor. And I’m grateful for every year, month, week, day, hour, minute, second that I’ve been given beyond that terrifying diagnosis.

When I went for my yearly mammogram last week, I found a journal or log in the waiting room. It wasn’t in the initial waiting room where you fill out papers with a #2 pencil. It was in the inner sanctum where you sit, vulnerably half-dressed, trying to hold the flimsy robe on your body, cold, wan-looking in all that faded cotton, staring at the other women, wondering which of you are in the club and which are simply fearing that today will be the day you become a dreaded “1 in 8” breast cancer woman. You know… THAT waiting room.

So the journal seemed like a brilliant idea. Women who are feeling all sorts of things that are socially unacceptable to talk about right then and there have an outlet. And boy was it being used. I thumbed through the pages and read people’s rants, their fears, their hopes, their encouragements to each other. A significant number of them mentioned God — either blaming him, saying he didn’t exist if they were ill, or thanking him for getting them through their cancer. It seemed like the female version of “foxhole prayers.”

The journal, no doubt, has been a safe place for numerous women. And it got me thinking about the value of writing for creating safe spaces to process deep thoughts or to just feel heard.

I loved reading about this project, Creative Journals Connect Youths in Need.

And I want to start a project where we have SPACIOUS journals that float around the world, where people write spacious thoughts or tell spacious stories in them. But how would it work? What do you think? Comment or shoot me an email at cary@spacious.org.

It could be a bit like the BookCrossing project which I’m now part of by virtue of finding a stray book in my neighborhood. I logged in and joined the community of people who have found random books around. Do you know about it?

Anyway, how could we do our own “log jam” or journal entry project?

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