Missed Connections State By State

I’ve written before about missed connections. It’s one of my favorite subjects, because I’m a big believer that we ought to speak up when we like someone, when we feel interested, when we think there could be more. I’m a big fan of risk. I hate the scary part of it as much as anybody, but I I like the payoff part perhaps more than anybody! Maybe I just have a high tolerance for vulnerability and exposure… but I do think it’s worth risking to connect more to other people.

And I do know that many people have regrets that they didn’t speak up. They wonder if they will find that person (or another so cool) again.

So I loved this map that tells where missed connections happen, by state! If you are in the South, get thee to Walmart. And what’s with “At Home” in Indiana? If you live with someone, why not just speak up? Can someone explain this one?

Anyway, check out the map… and wherever you live, look around you and push the strangers together who are gazing longingly in each other’s directions. Or maybe that’s not a good plan. But at least follow through on your own impulses to connect, kn0wing that if you’re in the right spot, there are likely others there in your own state hoping to connect to YOU!

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