Nathan Barnatt & the SPACIOUS “State Dance”

SPACIOUS is a movement; it’s an enterprise; it’s a brainchild; it’s an evolving venture.  And it’s a state of mind.

And like all the states of the union have special symbols, SPACIOUS has its own too.  Texas, big and gnarly as it is, has the Nine-Banded Armadillo as its “state small mammal,” and they also celebrate the cast iron dutch oven as their “state cooking implement.” SPACIOUS may not go so far as to have our own small mammal or cooking implement, but we will be unveiling new state symbols from time to time.

And we’re starting with our “state dance,” borrowing one until we can choreograph our own (any volunteers?). Because that way if we see you out in public doing it, we’ll know you’re one of us, and we’ll teach you the (admittedly yet to be created) secret handshake of spaciousness.

We’re all about encouraging people to celebrate each other and to even expand our comfort zones to incorporate more otherness than we’ve heretofore welcomed.

And we’re all about moving past the need to act all respectable and proper and inhibited and circumspect, especially on the days when we just have a little dance in us that’s dying to come out.  Sure we all have days when we’re dragging or grieving or just can’t figure out why nothing feels right and we can’t find anybody to sit by at the proverbial (or real) lunch table. But that’s all the more reason to bust out and dance, or relax, or emote, or act spacious when we have that inclination.

We love Nathan Barnatt and this crazy dance video.  With  more than 1.5 million views, we’re clearly not the only ones who love it. Here’s a guy who embodies what SPACIOUS is all about — dancing freely and expansively…and having a great time doing it.  And Jenny Fine jumps right in with him.

What would it be like to flip and wobble and dance down the street with no regard for stares?  Wouldn’t it be more fun to join in? And wouldn’t it be great if life were like a movie, and when the narrative needed to be moved along in a more interesting way, everyone just broke into song and dance, twirling around lampposts like Gene Kelly in Singing in the Rain or through the park like Joseph Gordon-Levitt in 500 Days of Summer?

We all tailor our moves, dance-moves and otherwise, to an invisible audience. And sadly we sometimes don’t even stop to ask whether we’re trying to impress people whose opinions actually matter to us. The fact is we’re unique, beautiful one-of-a-kinds who should, as the bumper sticker or refrigerator magnet says, “Dance like no one’s watching.”  Or like 1.5 million are watching. It doesn’t matter.

Just break into your own inimitable dance and be spacious.  It’s a good state of mind in which to live.


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