Neighbor’s Table

I love what Neighbor’s Table is doing and, especially, how they are doing it.

They say they are “a love mission of ordinary people loving extraordinarily around the table.”

They are also spreading the ethos of just going ahead and getting past the excuses, past the perfection, past whatever keeps you shy and reticent and alone, and gathering a bunch of people around a table.

And they’re also able to sell you a big old table with benches so you two can seat 20 people in one place.

You can find out more details and see great photos and video of table gatherings through their Facebook page.

I talked by phone to Sarah Harmeyer, the visionary and the chief love officer. I wanted to hear the love ooze through the phone (and I did). I came away glad that she’s on my planet, spreading table-love.

Let’s join the revolution. Let’s emulate Sarah’s gatherings. Let’s buy her tables and invite our own people over.