Operating Room Flash Mob

This will likely make you happy, and you may even forget that the woman at the center of this operating room dance party is about to undergo a double mastectomy.

Watch the video of this operating room dance flash mob. 

As a cancer survivor myself (19 years!), I love the idea of being proactive as you go into surgery, not waiting passively on a gurney while getting more and more nervous by the moment. Of course it probably helped that the patient is also an OB/GYN so I imagine she can bend the rules in the OR a bit. (She also knew the cast of characters who danced with her).

After watching, ask yourself what I’m asking:

  • What is it about this video that’s inspired 3.5 million people to watch it?
  • What are we responding to?
  • What would be a parallel action in our own lives that would bring about the same feeling or perhaps a needed change of perspective?
  • Is there something you’ve done that you could share with others to inspire them?

As the saying goes, “Dance like nobody’s watching.” Or dance and let ’em watch. Or, even better, dance and invite others to the flash mob.