Peace Truck

Cat Stevens used to sing about a peace train. Well here’s a peace truck.

We loved Emily Wax‘s Washington Post article about an Egyptian American man, Moustafa Soliman, who is spreading a message about the possibility of peace between Arabs and Jews by operating a food truck in DC. This isn’t just a food truck with a cutesy logo or wishful thinking on wheels.

It’s a food truck that serves kosher food from one window and halal offerings from another.

Wax writes, “The idea for the food truck was derived from Soliman’s recently published novel, “An Arab, a Jew and a Truck.” The book tells the story of a devout Palestinian Muslim and an American Orthodox Jew who are forced by circumstance to live together and share a kosher kitchen in the Bronx. They end up starting a moving business together, and by the book’s end are dreaming of launching a kosher and halal food truck.”

This is yet another story of individuals forging an important connection by getting to know each other and then inspiring others to imagine more for the  communities they represent.

Do you see an obvious connection point in your community with someone different (or historically an enemy even)? Take it. It may go far.

Stay tuned in our next blog post for a similarly themed story related to ping pong diplomacy.

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