Private Lives

A neighbor died the night before last. And for rather a random reason, I knew about it right away.

I thought about telling another neighbor, who has known the person who died far longer than I have. But I held back. I felt like it was private. I wanted to be sure that I wasn’t telling tales out of school.

Then I thought, “Wow, the world has changed.” Where do the casseroles and pound cakes come from if we’re not supposed to spread the word when someone has something important happening in their family?

Is it just me? Maybe. I’ve been burned a few times when I ended up with a boatload of people aware of something that I wasn’t really ready to talk about or share widely.

But we can’t really be our brothers’ or sisters’ keepers if we don’t know the basics of life and death in the homes around us.

What’s normal in your neighborhood? What do you think constitutes community? How do you wish people would treat YOU in this regard (unless of course you’re the one who has died, in which case your vote is moot).

Just wondering.

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