SPACIOUS Moments Campaign Cards

Join the SPACIOUS movement by handing out a SPACIOUS Moments card when you see someone doing something open-hearted.

Wouldn't you want to reward this SPACIOUSness with a card applauding the boldness you've witnessed?

Perhaps you see adults manning a lemonade and margarita stand. Or you come across folks welcoming strangers to a picnic table in the park. Or you see kids raking their neighbor's yards.

Buy a 20-pack of these cards, stash them in your pocket, and start looking for SPACIOUS behavior. When you notice someone, jot off a quick note about what you observed, and hand the card to the intended recipient. They'll not only feel great about being celebrated but can also find our site and join the SPACIOUS movement themselves.

And then be sure and tell us your stories so we can feature them online. You can do that on our Facebook page or on Twitter.


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