Random shuffle of friends

My iPod got stolen. Admittedly that’s a “first world problem,” and in the scheme of things it’s not a bad problem. When it was stolen, I didn’t replace it and figured I’d just be quiet more or listen to a limited selection of songs on my phone when I’m out and about.

And mostly that’s been fine.

Yet I’m thinking about how sometimes you don’t want to decide what to listen to, and you don’t want to listen to a themed playlist or a particular artist. You just want to see what happens, what comes along, and let the music take you where you may need to go.

I think relationships are that way. Of course, time with best friends can’t be beat. And of course there are times when we want to put together or curate a particular group. It might be because we’re reuniting an old crowd. Perhaps it’s because we can’t believe that we have four friends who’ve never met who all play the accordion. Or we’re match-making.

But sometimes I really want a bit of “random friend shuffle” in my life. I simply want to see what happens, go out in public and see who I run into (known or not), hang out in a familiar place and see who shows up that night.

Because there’s a certain joy in mixing U2 with Taylor Swift or the Ramones with Vince Gill. They say “Never the twain shall meet,” but I say “Why not shuffle?”


Photo from Kuba Kuba restaurant in Richmond, Virgina.

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