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Thoughts from SPACIOUS People

Big-hearted folks expecting great things

SPACIOUS makes us feel that we’re part of a community. It’s a fun way to meet new people who love exploring and pushing their own boundaries. We haven’t been to a SPACIOUS event yet that wasn’t interesting, thought-provoking, and eye-opening.”

Dom and Crystal

What I love about your activities is that they reach for the underpinnings of being the most holy humans, they acquaint participants with the highest self, rather than the lowest common denominator and strive to make ordinary the use of that highest self. Your activities seek to normalize access to a much higher common denominator with sacred principles that all religions value as the goal…. For instance fun isn’t normally thought of as a sacred value, but many religious texts associate laughter and all the transformation and connection that come with it as sacred. SPACIOUS is returning the daily conversation to connection and non-judgment, which is a sacred practice, a ministry worthy of a lifetime of practice. The cornerstone of your effort seems to me to be about letting go of judgment and prejudice, moving beyond small into large and expansive living: it’s the LARGE LIFE.”


I really like SPACIOUS because its ideas make life more meaningful and worth living. Thank you for sharing the Spacious Spirit with me through your emails.”

We all inherently know that there are no strangers, just potential friends, yet we surprise ourselves when we find a new friend in a recent stranger. What a delightful surprise it was to meet these two befriended strangers whose work, inspiration, goals speak louder than words. Cary and Joey are the ultimate Spacious people and I am grateful for welcoming me into their endeavor which brings hope to the overstressed, under-friended Washingtonians and beyond!”

Mitko Gerensky