“Shower the People You Love with Love”

Ah yes, that’s a James Taylor lyric. And I’m singing it with regret today.

A friend died five days ago. Suddenly.

And I’m wondering why I thought I’d always have another chance to hang out and have a picnic lunch as we always planned to.

And I’m thinking about how I took for granted that I’d be able to honk and wave and yell every time I drove by his workplace, a couple of blocks from my house, and then feel really happy because I’d seen him. I thought I could do that indefinitely.

And I’m realizing that I never took the time to stop and appreciate the way he always said “MY girrrrll” when he saw me. Sure, I liked it. Yes, I noticed. But what I didn’t do is bask in it, focus on the way it touched me, and make sure not to take it — or him — for granted.

I wish I’d showered my friend Cobbey with more love. Because now he’s gone.


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