Singular Lives Remembered & Celebrated

The end of a year is a natural time to think about milestones. It’s a natural ending, followed by a new beginning.

As I look ahead at a new year, I always muse about what might transpire during the next distinctly packaged set of 365 days, what we call a year. Will there be births, deaths, engagements, losses, victories, surprises? Of course the answer is “yes” to each of those queries. But how close will they be to me, to my inner circle? What will come?

And how do I want to orient myself now to live intentionally towards those I love most given what I do know: something will change this year for everyone I love.

I was taken by this New York Times article where readers were invited to send in a photo of a loved one who died in 2011 and to tell a story of that person. I was particularly struck by this one submitted by a man who had always wondered about a particular woman from his past. When he googled her, he found that she had died, and it impacted him significantly.

I also love this tribute from a granddaughter to her grandfather.

This is a post you can spend hours on. Or imagine your own in your head… who would you honor and appreciate now while they are still alive? Who means that much to you? Who are you wondering about from the past? Who can you track down and express gratitude to, perhaps even someone who has no idea of his or her impact on your life?

I’d love to hear some tributes.








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