Size does matter; should it?

Get a look at the size of that guy’s… TV screen. Really?  That’s the new realm of bragging rights, shame and envy?

Jura Koncius of The Washington Post wrote a piece on January 26. I’ve not been able to find it online but the print version has sat on my desk for a month needling me and pissing me off.

Harris Interactive, a polling service, conducted a poll on behalf of Sony Electronics (so consider the bias), and it turned up these tidbits:

“62 percent of those who have a TV spend three hours or more per day watching it. 19 percent spend six hours or more daily with their TV.

“Adults ages 45 to 54 are more likely to spend more than six hours a day with their TV than those ages 18 to 34 or 35 to 44. 

“Top reasons for wanting to break up with a TV: 1. Embarrassed by its size. 2. Think it’s outdated. 3. Unsatisfied with model and 4. Bored with features.

“Southerners are the most likely to be embarrassed (34 percent), followed by Midwesterners, Westerners and Northeasterners.”

As a Southern woman, 51 years old, I should apparently be sitting all day in front of the television. And although I’m a big fan of The Real Housewives of New York City (it’s all about Bethenny), I don’t watch TV. Ever. Though I do own two.

This is an unimportant issue, really, but I am finding it d-e-p-r-e-s-s-i-n-g that people feel EMBARRASSED ABOUT and BORED WITH their televisions’ sizes and features. “Embarrassed” means that I don’t want you to notice, or that I care what you think, or that I feel shame or awkwardness.

And I just really, really bemoan being part of a culture that has time or inclination to feel embarrassed that our TVs aren’t adequate.

What does this say?



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