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Many of you simply read our blog. And a “thank you” is in order. But there’s so much more to SPACIOUS than the blog that I wanted to take the opportunity to fill you in on who and what we are if you only know our blog.

SPACIOUS came about after years of dreaming and praying. I’ve long wanted to do something radical that does nothing less than create the space for people to reimagine the worth of everybody they run into and to begin experiencing more freedom in life, more love, more connection, more of everything.

In an increasingly complex world, people tend to insulate themselves with people like themselves and take in information from only the sources they agree with.  Yet at the same time, people idealize globalization and yearn for one, connected society.

The Internet is where we spend much of our time.  That creates an illusion of unity, logistically keeping us connected to far-flung people while at the same time isolating us and preventing in-person connecting, even with our friends, much less people we wouldn’t normally meet.

My SPACIOUS partner, Joey Katona, and I are are two people who could easily have been each other’s example of someone we would never normally meet.  Yet we met online through a blog on which I wrote about Joey, from an article I read about him in PEOPLE. He commented on my blogpost, and a rich friendship resulted when Joey moved to DC where I live. We quickly came to see that we share a passion for people finding more fun and depth in life and relationships, although we come at it from different perspectives and sometimes for different reasons.

SPACIOUS is a lab, if you will, that we’re using to create something bigger than the sum of its parts.  We have as many questions as we do answers, but we’re entering into an exciting venture wherein people can connect with those they might not normally meet for the purpose of more play and recess, being known and celebrated at deeper levels, and growing to be all they were intended to be, flourishing in creativity, generosity and community.

We write, speak and teach on the themes we espouse. We consult on helping people and organizations find more spaciousness and facilitating deeper connections and more fun. And we host amazing events events in our pilot city, Washington DC.  We do all this through information and resources provided on our website — all designed to grab and go, to get you offline and into conversation with people who have the potential to become life-enriching, game-changing friends.

We also share there our plans for trucks roaming DC, bringing recess and social services as well as a multi-use building, both designed to bring together all sorts of people in service to the needs of the city.

And those who subscribe to our site receive a weekly email (Mondays; just once a week) about upcoming events, cool links, and a bit of food for thought.

We also tweet @spaciousme, and we maintain an active Facebook presence, and that’s where you can see photos of our events and hear from some of our enthusiastic participants who often find great links and events to recommend to all of us!

And finally, we have a super-cool campaign where we encourage you to carry around a few Silver Lining cards and hand them out to anyone whom you see doing anything spacious, fun, zany, interesting….  Just fill in the blank with what you observed, hand it to the person and a) run away, or b) start a conversation. It’s a way of spreading the SPACIOUS love.

Join us on the journey that is SPACIOUS! Sign up on our homepage at by way of the popover or on the bottom right of any page.


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