SPACIOUS Consulting

What we do

Fine-tuned facilitation and recess/fun/team-building, tailored to your needs

Our specialty is helping people know and see and celebrate each other more deeply, leading to enhanced work environment.




Vision (listening to your designated leader and researching your context)

Initial concept work to hone your desired outcome – often by email and phone

  • Listen to what you want/what your goals are
  • Brainstorm approaches
  • Share initial written sketch with you for your review & tweaking
  • Finalize proposal for your approval

Action (time spent with your employees)

Facilitation and leading of activities and group discussions

  • One-time events
  • Series of events
  • Retreats
  • Field trips (attend an event with facilitated after-gathering)

Integration (materials created for personal consideration)

Reflection papers for individual participants (to begin exploring relevant themes beforehand or to synthesize what they learned for future reference afterwards)

Adjunct Event Planning

Additional offered service should you choose off-site retreats or gatherings

  • Catering coordination
  • Venue selection
  • Vendor liaison
Contact us at for sample activities and pricing structure for nonprofits and for-profits.

2 thoughts on “SPACIOUS Consulting

  1. Enjoyed reading about you in the Washington Post! We have a retreat for staff of the Crisis Intervention Center, Prince Frederick, MD coming up on May 18, 2012. We work with domestic violence and sexual assault issuses everyday and could use some serious fun. Do you do partial day presentations and could you give me an idea of your fees? Thanks!

  2. Ann, let’s keep talking about this. Your work is so important, and I continue to hope we can work together… something with levity while still acknowledging the seriousness of your context.

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