Have you ever seen a stranger (or it could be a friend) doing something fun, generous, open-hearted, crazy… and it just made your day?

Maybe you thought, “I wish I could give him a gold star for that,” or “How awkward would it be if I just started clapping?”

Well, now there’s a socially acceptable way to give a shout-out to somebody who’s living spaciously. And to share with others the cool thing that made your day.

Get a hold of some of our SPACIOUS Moments cards and carry them with you, ever on the lookout for acts of neighbor-love. When you catch somebody in the act of making life better, give them a card. Then share your story with us.

We used to call these Silver Lining Cards, implying that we all need a silver lining in life’s hard days. That was feeling a little negative cause some days are good — and just made better by witnessing spacious moments.

Join in. Find out more here.