Status Updates of the Free and Easy

I was thinking about some potential Facebook status updates that would get my attention and make me feel hopeful about the human condition. I’d love to see any of these:


says, “No more limits.”

…found four new bands to listen to this week.

…is open to hearing things she’ll likely disagree with.

…spent some time this morning just lying in the grass doing nothing but staring at the sky.

…just treated the stranger at the next table to a coffee.

…had time to listen to a long story that a lonely friend really needed to tell.

…has had some victory in cutting down on his smoking.

…knows that the wheels will eventually be back on the bus of her life.

…is grateful for the chance to hang out and play with his kids.

…is finally making peace with this crazy, curly hair.

…knows that one bad month does not make a disastrous life.

…is open to new possibilities.

2 thoughts on “Status Updates of the Free and Easy

  1. How about…took advantage of the free hula hoops while waiting in line at the Fojol Brothers food truck during my lunch break.

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