Power to the Grown-ups

“It took a grown-up to imagine the Harry Potter books,” author Neil Genzlinger writes in a New York Times piece reviewing two new television shows, 2 New Ways to Relive Childhood.

I love that line.  He was exploring our idealized vs. actual childhoods and how certain activities and toys (as explored in two different television shows) transport us back to those — potentially — good old days.

He said, “A 10-year-old’s imagination doesn’t really go very far.

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Kid Power

Why are kids always doing cool things that adults don’t do? They play. They speak honestly. They walk up to people they like and just hug ’em (no playing it cool). They spend hours (if not over programmed by adults) watching bugs. I love that.

They also seem to take on gargantuan projects because they just assume they can. They see a problem with their fresh, new, untainted eyes, are shocked by it, and just start doing something. Let’s acknowledge that most of them have parents who say,

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