Dave Brubeck

Oh, the pianist and the cowboy should be friends

Yes, I know that in Oklahoma!, the lyrics are actually, “Oh the farmer and the cowman should be friends!”

But in the case of Dave Brubeck, who would have been 92 today had he not died yesterday, the cowboy/rancher became a pianist, and the world was better for it. Although he’d studied piano from the age of four, growing up in a musical family, in college he planned to study veterinary medicine and return to the 45,000 acre ranch that his father purchased when he was twelve.

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My Muses: First, Dave Brubeck

I’ve heard Calvin Trillin speak a couple of times. The man is wicked funny. The last time I heard him he recited poetry in which he rhymed “Rodham” with “Sodom” and “Señora” with “Gommorah” in describing Bill Clinton’s presidency. Nothing against Clinton personally but Trillin is funny. He’s one of my heroes for his prolific writings and for the varied forms he tackles and dominates.

I’ve got three other heroes of the same ilk (prolific and working in different genres): Dave Brubeck, 

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