David Byrne

Another Muse, David Byrne

My last post was about Dave Brubeck, a major inspiration in my life. And here’s another prolific, creative, talented “DB” who has influenced me mightily — David Byrne.

I’m just taking some time this summer to think about (and share with you) a few men who have been muses for me in my own baby steps in writing and creating.

David Byrne is prolific in so many genres. His website has links for his Journal (a brilliant blog),

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Boring is the New Special

One of my mantras is “Give me a random Tuesday over a holiday any day.” Which is a grammatically strange mantra, now that I think of it because you can’t really have a Tuesday any day; it has to happen on — well — a Tuesday.

What I mean by that is that “normal” suits me.  “Special” is less compelling. And a corollary of that is that normal can be special. Simply because it’s so normal. Or it’s glorious in its normalcy.

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