“Shower the People You Love with Love”

Ah yes, that’s a James Taylor lyric. And I’m singing it with regret today.

A friend died five days ago. Suddenly.

And I’m wondering why I thought I’d always have another chance to hang out and have a picnic lunch as we always planned to.

And I’m thinking about how I took for granted that I’d be able to honk and wave and yell every time I drove by his workplace, a couple of blocks from my house,

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Private Lives

A neighbor died the night before last. And for rather a random reason, I knew about it right away.

I thought about telling another neighbor, who has known the person who died far longer than I have. But I held back. I felt like it was private. I wanted to be sure that I wasn’t telling tales out of school.

Then I thought, “Wow, the world has changed.” Where do the casseroles and pound cakes come from if we’re not supposed to spread the word when someone has something important happening in their family?

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Singular Lives Remembered & Celebrated

The end of a year is a natural time to think about milestones. It’s a natural ending, followed by a new beginning.

As I look ahead at a new year, I always muse about what might transpire during the next distinctly packaged set of 365 days, what we call a year. Will there be births, deaths, engagements, losses, victories, surprises? Of course the answer is “yes” to each of those queries. But how close will they be to me, to my inner circle?

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