Lessons Learned at the World Domination Summit

This week we have an extra blogpost in honor of a powerful weekend. We sent this out to our subscribers who receive weekly updates by email (join them, bottom right). And I wanted to share it with others too.  So here’s a report from the World Domination Summit:

Way back last summer when SPACIOUS was — in human terms — a newborn, we read about a crazy event, the World Domination Summit in Portland, Oregon July 6 to 8,

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You’re Enough Already

“You are enough. You have enough. All you need is a kick in the pants,” my friend said to me. And I think she was right.

The question at hand was whether I could step into long-held dreams or whether I needed to gain more wisdom, knowledge, skills, and confidence. On one hand, “YES… we always need to keep growing.”  But for many of us, especially after a certain age, the answer is “NO… we do not need to wait to gain more anything.

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